Pompe à immersion

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Submersible Sewage and Drainage Pumps

Débit H Max kW
6 / 48 1.4 / 16.3 0.9 / 1.5
mc/h m kW
  • Usage domestique
  • Collectif et résidentiel

Fiche technique

ConstructionSingle-impeller submersible pumps, (with two-passage) with channels impeller with vertical threaded delivery port (G 2”).Double mechanical shaft seal with interposed oil chamber, to protect against dry-running.

Applications- For domestic or industrial waste water, dirty water with solids up to 50 mm grain size, – For liquids which are compatible with the pump materials.- For draining rooms or or emptying tanks.- Extraction of water from ponds, streams or pits and for rainwater collection.


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